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One of the most common technique in visual merchandising is colour blocking. Colour blocking is a great way to display your products and grab shoppers attention. The technique is not limited to only products - you can also use colour blocking on display props. The idea is to engage with shoppers and catch their attention and is also a good way to lead the shopper to specific products. Retail is competitive but there are tricks of the trade to get shoppers looking at your products.

Use contrasting colours to highlight products. Most customers view from left to right and top to bottom. Colours have powerful feelings and influence the mood and perception of your products. Black is dark, seductive and premium. White is clean, minimal and portrays simplicity — ideal for wedding products. Red is strong, confident and cheerful.

Check out this useful article about colours and their references http://www.retaildesignworld.com/single-page/5347c684736ea-visual-merchandising-basics-colour #visualmerchandising

Use colour blocking as a theme to group products and present them as a collection. It is important to have colours control. You don't want every single colour possible on your display. Rather, you want to create a mood — the right feel for your brand.


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