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This FAQ covers questions you may have before joining Things British. Once your account has been created you will have access to our partner guide which provides a more detailed instructions. If you have any questions in the meantime then please get in contact by phone, email, dm, or our website chatbox.

  • How can I rent space?

    To rent space with us you need to complete our registration form (link at the bottom of our website). We use the information from the form to create your account. Your account is usually created the next day, but you may need to allow for a few days.  There is no requirement to rent space with us immediately - you can do this when you are ready. 

    Once created you will receive an email (and a text) with instructions on how to make a rental booking.

  • I have some questions

    If you have any questions not covered in this FAQ then you can drop us an email at support@thingsbritish.co.uk or give us a call on 0330 660 0582^. You can also send us a dm on social media or chat with us on the chat bar on our website.

    ^If your mobile or landline service has inclusive minutes then your call to us will be free, otherwise you will be charged at local rates.

  • How many products can I have in my space?

    We recommend that you do not overstock your space. It should be very easy for a customer to interact with your products and to see the selling price. We encourage you to create an attractive display using interesting props as well as display stands (with some restrictions).

    It's a good idea to create a mock-up of your space to give you a good idea of how your space will work. The dimensions of all of the spaces, including height from the floor and given on our website. 

    If you make a short rental with us (of less than 12 weeks at a time) then all of your products will need to be placed in your rented space. If you rent space for 12 weeks or longer then we also allow you to store spare stock in our store room. The shop staff will use this spare stock to replenish stock on your rented space for you so that you always have a full display. You can send/bring more stock at any time no matter how long you rent with us. Lots more information about this in the partner guide which you can access once you have rented your first space.

  • Do I have to use your display stands?

    Not at all, although we do have a selection available for you to rent, you are encouraged to supply all of your own props such as display stands. 

    It's best not to mix stands made of different materials or colours in the same space as it can look visually confusing in some instances. Get as creative with your props and displays as you like (within reason and subject to a few merchandising requirements). Remember that it is your space for displaying your products in a way that best works for you. Need advice on this? Then please get in contact and we can give you some tips and suggestions.

    Note that for our St Pancras shop it is required that all your props and stands be all-white, all-black, or the same muted shade. Bright neon type colours and clear acrylic jewellery stands can't be used. All stands must be in-good-order. Any props or stands with excessive scratches or damage will need to be removed. This is to keep to the "grand" standards required of The Grand Terrace at St Pancras International Station. 

  • Can I brand my space and use signs?

    Yes, we encourage you to have an information sign in your rented space. It's a great way to explain to a customer about you and your products. You are welcome to highlight that your products are also available at other shops and/or online. Try not to make your sign too big - leave room for your products. 

    Note that for our St Pancras shop, English Heritage has rules regarding signage. For this shop, the only signs that are allowed are our official rented shelf talkers which we will print for you. This is a small information sign about you and your products in a size and format pre-agreed in our lease. Any other signs that are not attached to products will, unfortunately, need to be removed in this shop. We encourage the use of our shelf talker, which costs a few pence per day to cover printing costs, as it is a great way to let shoppers know more about you and your products. The shelf talkers give an uniformed look that English Heritage require. 

  • What about packaging?

    We highly recommend having boxes or nice bags for your products, especially jewellery as it helps with sales. Any small jewellery sold without packaging will be placed in an organza bag by the shop assistant. If your products require specialised packaging, such as a hatbox for a hat, shoebox for shoes etc, then you must supply them. The boxes will be kept with your products in your rented space (or in the store room if you qualify for storage space). 

  • Do my products need barcodes?

    You don't need a formal barcode on your products (the thin black lines like you would see on products in a supermarket) to sell with Things British. You will, however, need to print or handwrite a special Things British code on each of your products. Full details, with examples, are given on this in the Partner Guide which you will have access to once you have rented your space. (If your products already contain a barcode then you will still need to label your products with a Things British code).

  • I can't access the partner guide or partner admin portal

    You won't be able to access the partner guide, the rental booking system or the partner admin portal area until your account has been created and you have received the welcome email (and text). This can take up to 48 hours depending on the time of day and day of the week. The welcome email contains all the information you need to make a rental booking with us. Keep an eye out for our email and text.

  • Is there a rental contract?

    Yes, there is. Each time you rent space with us you will receive a rental contract by email. Your rental contract confirms the space you have rented, for how long and details your rental payment schedule. It also contains a link to the terms and conditions agreed at the time of making the booking. This is a formal rental contract made on a business-to-business basis which must be seen through to completion. 

  • How long do I need to rent space for?

    The minimum rental period with Things British is just 42 days (6 weeks) per contract. The maximum rental period (per booking) is 365 days per contract although you can keep making a new rental booking (renewal) when your current rental expires.

  • Do I need to register again each time the rental expires?

    No, once your account has been set up you can rent the same, or different spaces, in the same or different shops as and when you are ready. You can even take a break for a few weeks or even a year.

  • Can I rent multiple spaces at the same time?

    Yes, you can rent up to 3 of the same time of space at a time per rental contract, along with a selection of optional extras. If you need more than 3 of the same space then you can make an unlimited number of additional rental bookings. Please don't over-commit on space though as there is a formal rental contract in place which must be seen through to completion. 

  • Can I have multiple rental contracts?

    Yes, you can have as many rental contracts as you like in the same or as many of our shops as you like, but please don't over-commit as there is a formal rental contract in place which must be seen through to completion. 

  • Do I need to label my products?

    Yes. Once your account is enabled you will be given access to your very own unique product code list and instructions on how to label your products. You will need to write this code (10082-042-3 for example), along with the price as a minimum on your labels. Instructions on labelling (with examples) are given in the Partner Guide which you will have access to once you have rented your space. You must also make sure your labels or packaging carry any additional markings as required by law as this something you are responsible for.

  • Can I personally bring stock?

    Yes. You can bring the stock to the shop personally any time of the day, without notice, apart from the first and last hours of opening. Over 90% of products are posted to the shop. Remember to bring your printed delivery note (more information on this in the Partner Guide) and to let the shop assistant know you are bringing or want to remove any stock. 

  • Who will merchandise my space?

    Send us a photo with your products on how you would like them to be displayed and the shop staff will do this for you. You are also most welcome to come to the shop and set up the display yourself. We want to maximise interactions with your products so our shop staff may give you feedback and suggestions on the best way to achieve this. It's best to have a display that customers can easily interact with then one ready for a photo-shoot. Over time as products sell your display will change and evolve as the shop staff will always want to plug any gaps left by a product that has sold. Displays will also change slightly during cleaning. 

  • How do I pay for my rental?

    When you make a rental booking with us a payment schedule will be created with Paypal. Your payments are then sent to us automatically (similar to a bank Standing Order). For rentals less than 56 days (8 weeks) Paypal will send your rental payment to us on weekly basis otherwise it will be every 4 weeks (28 days). Payments will automatically stop once your rental is complete. You can then make a new rental booking. Your payment schedule, dates and rental amounts are all shown on your rental contract. You will receive an email from us 7 days before your rental ends to remind you. 

  • When do I get paid for my shop sales?

    All your sales are automatically stored on our central server. We total up your transactions for the month, produce a remittance statement and remit your total sales (less any bank fees) to your designated bank account. This happens on the 3rd day of the following month depending on weekends and public holidays. This also applies if your rental contract ends mid-month.

  • How do I know what has been sold?

    Our central server will email you a weekly report every Sunday evening detailing your current stock levels, sales this week, sales last week, sales this month, sales last month and sales-to-date. The report gives you this detail for each of the products you are selling with us. There is also a separate daily sales report showing you each transaction made on each day of the week. If you rent space with us for at least 12 weeks (in a single contract) then you can also request to have both reports emailed to us on additional days of the week - including daily. You will receive a report for each shop that you are renting space in.

  • Which space should I rent?

    If you need advice on which space to choose, then drop us an email or give us a call. Row 1 (the lowest row) is not suitable for jewellery or front-facing products due to the height. Row 4 is not suitable for jewellery or products that need to be laid flat due to the height and is best for front-facing products. Our cubes or table spaces are great to make an impactful display with depth and height. We recommend having one or two items in the window display to entice shoppers in to see more of your work. Once you have decided then you will select your space on our rental booking screen. Our rental booking screen shows you what space is currently available automatically. If it doesn't show up then unfortunately that space is currently fully booked. Keep checking each day. 

  • Who sets the selling price?

    You set the retail selling prices of your products. Remember we don't take any commission. You can also decide to use pounds and pence, or just pounds. £9.99 each, or £10 each. 

  • What can I sell?

    You decide on which of your product range you want to sell at our shops. Things British won't say yes to this, or no to that. We may on occasion make some suggestions to you if certain products are already covered by other partners or of we feel some of your products are not legal, not in good taste, not safe, or don't comply with required legislation. You are responsible for ensuring your products are legally allowed to be sold in Britain both in our shops and online and that they have been made in Great Britain.

  • When is my stock displayed?

    When you bring or post stock to us we aim to acknowledge it as being booked into our stock system on the same day we receive it, however we are only obliged in the contract to get this done by the following day. The shop staff will then either top up the stock on your rental space or place spare stock in the store room for you. Stock can only be put out when your rental starts although you are welcome to bring or post stock before it does start. It will be kept safely in the store room in the meantime.

  • Why do you need my bank details?

    We need your bank Sort Code and Account Number so that we can pay you for sales by direct bank transfer between the 3rd and 7th of the following month. If we don't have your bank details at the time of the monthly automated payment run then there is a handling fee of £15 + VAT to do a manual payment.

  • Why was I asked not to stock certain items.

    We have to take into consideration the nature of our shop environments. Some products are heavy, may need a stand (which you may be reluctant to use) or may break if they fall. Some products also need to follow government guidelines which we must also comply with. We may also advise against certain very high-value items unless you provide a lockable case as part of your space. We care strongly about your products and want to make sure they are safe in our shop, and that our shoppers are also safe. There is also a maximum weight limit of 10kg allowed per shelf space.

  • What age must I be to sell?

    You may enter into a legally binding contract to rent space with Things British if you're aged 18 or over. Note that you will be entering into a contract as part of your trade or business and not as a consumer. You will also need an active Paypal account linked to a debit (or credit card).

  • Must I register as self employed?

    If you are a sole trader and selling to make a profit then you must register with HMRC as self employed if you have not already done so. Failing to notify HMRC can lead to a financial penalty (and an additional penalty of up to 100% of your tax liability). You may also face a penalty for failing to notify the Natitional Insurance Contributions department within 3 months of starting to trade. More information on the HMRC website available here.

  • Can I sell on your website only and not rent space in a shop?

    Yes and No. In order to sell on our online shop you must have rented space with us. You are allowed to list products on our website that are available in-store only, or online only, or both. Creating an in-store only listing is a great way to show online browsers what is available in our shops and encourage them to visit us. There are no listing fees, application fees or commission for selling on our online shop whilst you are renting space. Note that if you have no active shop rental contracts then your online shop will also be closed. 

  • Can I list items not sold in the shop?

    Yes. We let you list up to 999 products on our website, completely free of charge. Not all of these need to be available for purchase in our shop(s). Items that are for sale on-line only will carry a badge marked "ONLINE ONLY" letting a shopper know this. Likewise, you are encouraged to list products online that are available for purchase in-store only and can be marked as "IN-STORE ONLY". This is useful if you don't want to manage on-line orders and leave the selling to the shop staff but let a shopper be aware of your work.

  • Any listing fees?

    No. So long as you are renting space in one or more of our shops then there there are no listing fees, transaction fees or commission for selling on our website. All orders, payments and returns are handled directly by you.

  • Are there further instructions other than this FAQ?

    Yes, once you have rented your first space then you will have access to our detailed partner guide, which gives instructions on such things as labelling, pricing and merchandising.

  • Can I sell elsewhere when I am selling with you?

    Most definitely yes! Things British will never restrict you from selling any of your products at any other shop or at any other online shopping venue. Sell, sell, sell.

  • Can I combine shelf space?

    Yes, you can combine up to 3 vertical rows on the shelving to create a mega-space. Options are Row 3 and 4, Row 2 and 3, Row 1 and 2, or even Row 2, 3 and 4! There is however a maximum weight limit of 10kg allowed on the shelf.

  • Shelf hanging space.

    Some shelves can be converted into a hanging space (like a wardrobe). This is best for Row 1, or Row 1 and Row 2 combined. The hanging rail is offset to the front of the shelf to allow for an adult garment hanger. Row 1 is not suitable for hanging certain long clothing so please ask or test first. It is best to combine Row 1 and Row 2 for longer garments. There is a maximum weight limit of 10kg allowed on the hanging pole. You need to supply your own garment hangers. 

  • Do Things British do a credit check?

    No, we don't do a credit check when you register to sell or rent space with us. You will, however, need an active Paypal account linked to a credit or debit card (to pay your rental to us) and a UK current account (for us to pay your sales into). 

    Should any amount due to us, such as rental or storage fees, fall into serious arrears however then we do instruct an external agency to assist us in the recovery of these amounts which does incur additional charges being added. 

    Note that you enter into a business relationship with us (as opposed to a consumer relationship) when renting space, bound to a formal rental contract which must be seen through to completion. 

  • Food labeling and packaging

    To sell food and drink products you must show certain basic information and list the ingredients. You might also have to show certain warnings as detailed in the gov.uk Food Packaging and Labeling guide. You will also need to refer to the terms of your rental contract. 

  • Product liability & safey law

    By law products sold to consumers must be safe. The main responsibility for this falls on producers or manufacturers as detailed in the gov.uk Product Liability and Safety Law. You should consider carefully taking out product liability insurance. You will also need to refer to the terms of your rental contract. 

  • Toy safety regulations

    The gov.uk Toy Safety Regulations define a toy as products designed or intended (whether or not exclusively) for use in play by children under 14 years old. It is a legal requirement that toys have a CE mark attached to them. To sell CE marked toys with Things British you must also provide us with a copy of your Product Liability Insurance Certificate, for our records. You will also need to refer to the terms of your rental contract. 

  • Cosmetic products safety regulations

    The gov.uk Cosmetics Products (Safety) Regulations specify that no person shall supply a cosmetic product which may cause damage to human health. To sell cosmetic products with Things British you must also provide us with a copy of your Product Liability Insurance Certificate, for our records. You will also need to refer to the terms of your rental contract. 

  • The consumer protection act.

    The gov.uk Consumer Protection Act makes provision with respect to the liability of persons for damage caused by defective products. You must comply with this act to sell with Things British. You will also need to refer to the terms of your rental contract. 

  • General product safety regulations

    The gov.uk General Product Safety Regulations documents measures relating to general product safety. You must comply with this act to sell your products with Things British. You will also need to refer to the terms of your rental contract. 

  • Dangerous substances and preparations (nickel) safety regulations

    The gov.uk Dangerous Substances and Preparations (Nickel) (Safety) Regulations states that no person shall supply and post assembly intended to be inserted into a pierced ear or other pierced part of the human body if that post assembly contains nickel or a nickel compound, unless compliant with the regulation. To sell your products with us you must comply with this regulation. You will also need to refer to the terms of your rental contract. 

  • Country of Origin Labels

    Country of origin labelling is, generally speaking, not compulsory in Britain (and the EU). You don't have to state that your products are Made in Britain. However, it is necessary to have an origin label if, without such a label, the consumer could be misled as to the true origin of the product.  For instance, if a product carried the British flag on it but it was made in Hong Kong, then the product should include a label to that effect. Fraudulent origin labelling is illegal. Removing labels of origin from a product made outside of Britain and attempting to sell it as made in Britain (including with Things British) is strictly not allowed, is considered as fraudulent, and is illegal. Things British cannot accept any products that were not made in Great Britain (and will have to remove from sale, without notice, any such products). 

  • Consumer rights act

    The Consumer Rights Act 2015 replaced three major pieces of consumer legislation - the Sale of Goods Act, Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations and the Supply of Goods and Services Act. You must comply with the act to sell with Things British. You will also need to refer and comply with the terms of your rental contract, agreed at the time you make your rental booking. 


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support@thingsbritish.co.uk If your mobile or landline service has inclusive minutes then your call to us will be free otherwise, you will be charged at local rates. (read more)


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