Hetal Chudasama - Wood
United Kingdom
Beads are known to be the very first sculptural forms created by prehistoric man, and ever since, they have been available to us in all its variety and have adorned the civilizations. Glass beads are the most numerous and varied beads of all kind, and they, provide a possibility to explore colours and forms like no other beads or material. These seemingly ordinary looking little objects possessed a magical power for African, Indonesian, Indians and many tribal cultures around the world, and for me, they possess an enromous bundle of possibility to develop varied little beauties. The glass seed beads are strong, most finely made beads are not likely to lose their colour or lustre for centuries, they have just about enough weight to provide light feeling with a seemingly graceful flow, and they are rarely known to cause an allergic reaction to human skin.I have been working with all kinds of beads such as seed beads, stones, paper beads, fibre, ext. but my favourite are the glass seed bead. All I need to create a beautiful piece of the jewellery is the wide variety of colours, threads, needles and lots of patience filled with passion and imagination.I have dearly created each and every piece of jewellery in this collection, by using the same passion and affection, and I hope they provide similar feeling to my visitors. These jewellery are simply colourful vibrant reactions of the life and the art of adornment.
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Results 1 - 16 of 72


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