Kate MacKenzie

Kate MacKenzie
United Kingdom
I make unique silver jewellery in my attic studio in Johnshaven, Aberdeenshire, overlooking the ever changing North Sea. Silver clay is a versatile medium which is an absolute pleasure to work with. The 'clay' contains millions of microscopic particles of silver held in a pliable organic binder. After shaping and cutting, it is dried and carefully sanded, filed and drilled. At this stage it is very fragile, like fine porcelain. It's then fired in a kiln at 850 degrees, which burns off the organic binder, leaving pure silver (silver content 99.9%). After firing, I scrub and polish the silver. Some pieces are left with a high shine, others are treated to give them a patina which brings out detail on the design. It's a time consuming but very satisfying process. All ear wires and chains are sterling silver and the added crystals are Swarovski. Gems embedded into the silver are cubic zirconia.
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