Powder Butterfly

Corinne Lewis-Ward
Tyne & Wear
United Kingdom
:::::::::::: Who We Are :::::::::::: Powder Butterfly has been producing products and gifts since 2012. Started by artist and designer Corinne Lewis-Ward, her intention was to produce a range of high quality, British made products that celebrated the architecture and landmarks of the North East, but to do so in an original and innovative way. Her commitment to high quality materials, presentation and packaging resulted in her range of products being sold by high street retailers and a subsequent development of other product ranges, broadening out from the North East to include both London and York. Corinne has developed a distinctive and adaptable house style that can be applied to a range of products from material goods such as tea towels and luxury aprons to fine bone china and useable products such as key rings and bookmarks. In addition to this, Corinne has taken on a number of private and corporate commissions for gifts and awards, making links with business to help foster effective relationships with clients and partners. :::::::::::: What we Do :::::::::::: Corinne is instrumental in the whole creative, production and retail process. After working from original photographs to produce something fresh and exciting with the iconography of the city, Corinne sources the materials, manufacturers and fabricators from across the country to create something that will appeal to young and old alike, and to those with a taste for good design. From the start her aim has always been to create a business that uses and celebrates British manufacturers and goods, and to create a durable, long lasting product that people will cherish. :::::::::::: What we Love :::::::::::: Here at Powder Butterfly we love great design, beautiful British craftsmanship and collaborating with our tried and tested suppliers and manufacturers. Understanding the manufacturing process is a key element to making beautiful quality gifts, and we can't wait to explore new ideas with our manufacturers. We love the delight and pleasure that we bring to our customers through our designs and products, whenever our customers give or receive our gifts we know that they will love them. Our products are the perfect souvenir for visitors to the capital, to the North East or any of our featured locations, or would make the ideal gift for those needing a reminder of their old home. We are reall excited that plans are afoot to produce further beautiful designs and ranges that celebrate our wonderful cityscapes whilst keeping to our ethos of celebrating the best of British manufacturing.
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