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Marina Mircheva
United Kingdom
OUR STORY JOY, LOVE, FUN, INSPIRATION We like to refer to our greeting cards as "smiles" because we believe in the power of colours positivism, and this is exactly what we love bringing to people's everyday life and not only on those special occasions. ​"LIVE LIFE OVER THE RAINBOW" and welcome to our Smile Factory! MANY SMILES AGO... Little Miss Wu Wu is a panda of purpose - my university "tell-a-story" project inspired me to create a curious princess character who wanted to discover the world and find new friends. I wanted to share Little Miss Wu Wu's life with the world through a series of illustrations and inspiring images of her adventures. My colleagues and friends were charmed by my imaginary character, which encouraged me to print the first card for a friend's birthday. Hence, Little Miss Wu Wu was born and this is when her journey began along with the m.a.n.y. cards venture. I hope my cards bring smiles and loads of joy to your faces, which is our mission at the Smile Factory! Little Miss WuWu
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Results 1 - 16 of 57


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