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To Home From London

Bianca Timotheo da Costa
United Kingdom
Hi :)

Did you know that To Home From London is originally a blog that we created to keep in touch with our friends and family?

We are a Brazilian girl and Argentinean guy who first met in Rio de Janeiro’s street carnival and decided to move to London to start a new chapter together and, of course, discover new corners of the world. As we both love photography, it was also a great excuse to take our camera everywhere and register our experiences. Now we keep sharing pictures of all the places we visit around here and some travelling tips. It’s s kind of a To-Home-From-Beautiful-Places! Check it out!

Sharing an entrepreneurial spirit, we took advantage of the transition to Europe to start some projects we had on hold for quite a long time because of our previous hectic routines. So, with lots of ideas and a little leap of faith, we started making handcrafted London souvenirs as a way to unite work and passion, and to share our experiences and perspectives of London beyond our blog.

Everything is our original artwork and specially handcrafted at home using UK suppliers only. You can also find us in person at some street markets around London – just check our schedules.

We started this venture based on our belief that doing what you love or loving what you do is the best lifestyle anyone can have. Now that we proved this true, we want to become the coolest destination in London for travellers looking for authentic gifts to take back home!


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