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Terry Elwell
United Kingdom
After meeting Wayne Cooney (Cooney not Rooney) in Dorrians Hotel, Ballyshannon, Donegal, Ireland in April 2014 I came up with the concept of ClockStar mixing my love of photography with my total disregard for time – another story which I will impart to you all one day – when the book comes out. I have enjoyed every minute taking photographs of these wonderful chronographs and their housings even in the rain of the UK ‘summer’ and have met some lovely people along the way. I hope that you enjoy looking at my photographs just as much and that you will follow my travels around the world. So far I have circumnavigated the United Kingdom, Ireland, The Netherlands and New York and have produced four sets of photographs. The black & white collections are individually signed and numbered (250 limited edition) and retail at £199 each (£189 without the frame) plus postage. When I produce a new set I will e-Mail collectors with the details who will then have one month to say yes or no. After a month if the offer is not taken up I will offer the number to a new collector. I am planning to tour Cuba, Germany, The Czech Republic and New Zealand in 2017. Talking about plans, you may be able to see that the UK collection (placed geographically except for London) has the hands making the upright and diagonals of the union flag – there is madness in my methods. Also the hands of the clocks in the other collections all point to the next clock, again geographically, except for in the Irish collection, the four faced liar in Cork whose hands are all over the place - I do like the quirkiness of this. If you look at www.clockstar.co.uk you will see links to videos of the collections and at the end of each one there is a narrative of my tour and slide shows of more photographs that I took along the way. Again thank you for your interest and Clock On Terry!
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