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British retail is evolving. It had to. The old days of selling at marginal trade prices or selling through shops that take a hefty commission are being replaced by new forms of cooperative retailing. This is probably the most positive thing to happen to the retail industry in recent years.

Cooperative retailing is creative and collaborative in nature and involves multiple parties sharing their ideas, costs, and risks of running a physical shop. That simply means less risk and more shared success for everyone involved.

Cooperative retail allows all types of small businesses, designers, artisans, and start-ups, no matter how big or small, to share knowledge, share resources and combine efforts to achieve more. Working together, across multiple platforms, forms a bigger voice in the marketplace and ultimately creates a much bigger buzz and a stronger chance of success in a competitive retail climate. 

Since 2010 Things British has provided a platform for selling hundreds of thousands of products and gifts made in Great Britain in a physical retail environment. We call it a platform but the physical retail shops are only one of the channels we provide. There is the free online shop service, featured articles about our partners, paid advertising and marketing efforts.


Things British - the place to buy and sell British-made gifts.

You need retail space. Rather than rent a whole shop, whether permanently, or on a pop-up basis, Things British lets you rent shared space in our own shops to merchandise and brand however you like (subject to a few merchandising guidelines). From ceramics to toys, jewellery to glass, metalwork to textiles - we have ready-made space to suit most products. Our shelving, neutral is design, is great for general merchandise and can be expanded vertically to great a larger space. All our shelving easily converts to hanging space for garments.

Our short-term rental contract provides you with a share of an exciting brick-and-mortar retail environment where you are assigned your own choice of dedicated space. We provide the staff to manage the shops and tend to your customers so you are not expected to spend any time there - leaving you to run and grow your business. We track your stock levels and daily sales for you electronically using our central server. Our monthly sales remittance report details exactly what has been sold for the month and exactly what you have been paid for. 

Customers at our shops get individual sales receipts printed in your brand name - an effective way to personally say thanks and build your brand loyalty.

What I need is space in a retail shop to sell my work - in a great location. Not the whole shop - just part of it. A few shelves and hanging space and some items in the window. I only need space for a few weeks, months or a year to see how it goes.


I need a permanent location - not a pop-up venue - but I don't want any long-term commitments or risk. I want to be paid the full retail price for everything sold and I don't want to pay any commission. I am busy making things and running my business. I haven't got time to be there so I want you to run and manage everything for me. 


I want access to detailed sales and stock reports. I want these reports sending to me daily. What are my best sellers? What did I sell each day? What stock do I have left? What replenishment stock do I need to send?



Our minimum rental period is just 6 weeks (42 days) upwards. 

No matter how long you rent with us, you will get a detailed monthly sales remittance, up to 999 free products listings on our website, ability to rent multiple spaces, no sales commission, no joining fees, no listing fees, able to replenish your stock anytime in person or by post and to renew your rental multiple times.

Renting for a period longer than 12 weeks, however, gives you some important benefits, such as making use of the storeroom to keep replenishment (spare) stock. This lets you have 10 items on your shelf, for example, and another 10 items kept in our store room. As the items sell from your space the shop assistant will take your spare (storeroom) stock and place it in your rented space. You will aim to keep your spare stock topped up. Renting for less than 12 weeks does not give the facility for spare (storeroom) stock so all your stock must be placed in your rented space and you will replenish as needed. 

By renting for at least 12 weeks you can also request to receive our weekly report on additional days of the week (including daily) allowing you to avoid running out of top selling lines. Our standard reports are sent out once per week on a Sunday evening. 

A rental of up to 8 weeks is paid to us weekly, otherwise, it is paid to us every 28 days and is sent to us automatically by Paypal.


Click on the images below to see more information and prices of the various spaces available to rent. Prices shown are before any promotional discount.

Click on a shop below to see additional space options (such as hanging) available for that shop. 

Prices shown are per day and exclude VAT at 20%.




Your own dedicated space to merchandise and brand however you like (subject to some merchandising guidelines).


Zero sales commission when a customer purchases your products from our retail shops or our online shop.


No long term commitment with our rental agreement with a minimum period of just six weeks - all booked online.


Printed till receipts are issued in your brand name - even when a customer purchases from multiple brands at the same time.


Our shop assistants tend to your customers and maintain your space - so you don't need to be there at our shops.


Weekly (or daily) reports automatically emailed to you by our central server showing daily stock and sales information.


You set the retail selling prices displayed in the shop and we remit to you all your sales at retail price (less any bank fees).


Sell on our website with your very own vendor portal - completely free - and all orders and payments handled by you.


Sell in a real physical retail environment and online 24 hours to a global audience. 


Joining Things British is straightforward, free,  and only takes a few minutes.

To learn more about you and your products we ask you to complete our registration form. Information from the form is then used to create your account. Once submitted you will receive a welcome email (and a text) to let you know your account has been created. This usually happens the same or next day. 

That's it.

Once you receive your welcome email you will have access to our rental booking system to rent your space. It's all done online like making a hotel booking. Once your space is rented you will need to write product codes and prices on your products ready for sale. Full detailed instructions on how to do this including examples are given once your rental is confirmed. If our detailed FAQ doesn't answer any questions you have in the meantime, then please give us a call or drop us an email. 

We hope you are as excited as us to see your products in a Things British shop very soon.

Thx, Things British.


Things British - the place to buy and sell British-made gifts. 


Things British - the place to buy and sell British-made gifts. #rentshelfspace #artisans #makers #smallbusiness #bigbusiness #madeinGB

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